Site-finished hardwood - Sanded and finished on site, the most customizable flooring option available.  Flooring will be sanded flat for easy cleaning, and can be finished natural or stained.  We offer a variety of durable, low maintenance, finishing options.  

Prefinished hardwood - Factory finished hardwood that is ready for use immediately after installation.  Prefinished hardwood can typically be completed faster than site finished flooring but is not as easily customized to your needs.  Prefinished flooring also typically has small bevels on the board edges that can make cleaning more difficult.  

Engineered hardwood - Engineered hardwood is basically a multi-ply backing with real hardwood applied to the surface.  A wide range of products are available on the market.  Some things to consider when comparing engineered hardwood products are wear layer thickness, ply thickness and material, and number of ply layers.  We offer top quality engineered products in both prefinished and unfinished material.  Engineered flooring is more stable than solid flooring so it can minimize seasonal expansion and contraction on wide plank floors.  It is also ideal for installing over radiant heat or glued to concrete.